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You've made it this far - congrats!
Here are some links to more of my pages & some useful, influencial, or otherwise favourite sites from the 20th century. This is the sort of page many sites had back in the early 1990's. Old, really old. I need to update this page (like post dangerous minds), some of the links may not work:

  • Grave Brothers, noire fantasy online comic by MAK
  • Dale Smith Gallery - representing xmas-lite in Ottawa
  • Eliza Griffiths - the coolest contemporary painter.
  • McClure Gallery - Where I kicked off 2014
  • Carnal Lowrider Kitsch, 1999
  • reviews - selected press
  • hey hey - check out some recent press
  • Swizzle Gallery - My friends Rob Elliot and Christine Cosbyresponsible for this funky gallery, artworks and events in and around Toronto
  • Suki Lee - short fiction, pick up your copy of Sapphic Traffic today
  • 13 fine erotic storiesCheck out 13 Cautionary Tales by Nichole McGill, available at the best bookstores (or buy it on-line) - p.s. notice the cool cover image by Eliza Griffiths
  • ArtEngine - a cool art site, become a member today. Interactive web based work, and don't miss the meg-a-movie film fest (14 movies that can fit on a floppy).
  • Scratch - that's his name, he had the #1 show at Artguise.
  • Adrian Gollner - thanks G for those wonderful vintage hubcaps.
  • A big thanks to Doug Von Rosen (No web site yet) - he's risked life and limb in the procurement of hubcaps for me - THANK YOU
  • David Cation - he spent all day with his son, fishing a hubcap out of the Rideau River - and he gave it to me!! (so he might not have a web site yet, you can check out his art all over Ottawa and beyond) - gee whiz, when is this guys site going to be up?
  • Mehjor Vida Corp - the better life - Yes it's free, helps to reduce your grocery bills too
  • Italian Soul Kitchen Zibibbio
  • Cool ass music links
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