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hubcap artwork from
Carnal Low Rider Kitsch, Sexy Wheel Cover Up and more

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The following images will give you a good idea of what my artwork looks like in person - conversely, anyone who's already seen my work will be quick to point out "they're way stunning in person".

Here's a clunky animation of "5's & 20's" ( it's 62 KB) Here's a simple animation of "Elegant" (it's 51 KB) This is a low rez gif of "Lightnin' Bug" I made it with images from a web cam. Please give this image enough time to load
(it's 152 KB)
This is another low rez gif of "Lightnin' Bug" It'll load a bit faster than the previous version, but it's a bit shakey.
(it's only 62 KB)
OK, this animation is a little wonky too. The name of the piece is "Bonneville" (it's 53 KB)


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